10 ways how to improve testosterone level

1) Do not stress. As we know too much stress is decreasing your testosteron which has effect on number of your sperms. Try to eliminate stress as much as you can.

2) Inrease your testosteron, probably easiest way to do that is increase your production by natural form.

Main goal is to get vitamins and minerals from food.

otherwise you can target specific dietary supplement



-Vitamin D


-Vitamin C

-Vitamin H

-Vitamin B6


3) Watch out for Wi-fi signal. Another reason to put the laptop away. According to this study, long-term exposure to wi-fi signals causes sperm motility to decrease. If you're not using Wi-Fi, learn to turn it off. Put the phone into airplane mode overnight.

4) General fact based on the study, you know that more fat = less testosterone. This study confirms that body fat increases the chances of male infertility and also affects low sperm count in men.

5) Just have more sex. We already know that sex is the most pleasant way to increase testosterone levels. And this also applies to sperm counts. Forget 2-3 days of abstinence for a better chance of fertilizing the egg. It works the other way around. Men who have a low sperm count and abstain for more than one day will experience lower sperm production and, above all, your friends will be slower.

TIP:Do not use any lubricants or gels during sex. They negatively affect sperm motility.

6) Do not carry the phone in your pocket. The mobile phone emits short electromagnetic waves negatively affecting sperm count. The worst thing is that most of us carry the phone in our pants pocket, where it's very close to the sperm.

TIP: Wear your phone in your jacket or jacket pocket. If you have a phone close to you while you sleep, turn on "airplane" which limits the flow of signal.

7) Forget the heated seats in the car. Again, the connection with heat that works close to your sperm supply. One German study on 30 healthy men showed that after an hour of sitting on a heated seat, the testicle temperature rose by 2-3 ° C. It doesn't seem too much, but even a slight increase in temperature can destroy your sperm.

8) Drink more water! The easiest tip of all. Sperm is formed from water and if you suffer from dehydration, it has a direct effect on your sperm count.

TIP: The feeling of thirst already marks dehydration. Drink on a regular basis, so that thirst will not come to you at all.

9) Check your medication. Some drugs have a negative effect on sperm production. These include pressure medication, hair loss, depression and stomach ulcers. Check with your doctor if any of the medicines you are using can be considered for your infertility.

10) Make up vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that protects sperm against free radicals and oxidative stress. According to several studies, infertile men have very low levels of vitamin C.

TIP: The best sources of vitamin C are peppers, guava, kale or kiwi.

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