Surrogate mother – who is it?

Due to nowadays statistics almost 20% of couples...

Due to nowadays statistics almost 20% of couples cannot have children. Thank modern medicine, which develops new methods of treatment in assisted reproductive technology, there is a possibility to help a big number of couples. The chosen method of treatment depends on the kind of problem, as each case is individual. But if a woman cannot bear and give birth to a baby, because of health reasons, one of the methods for solving this problem is surrogacy. This kind of treatment is also suitable for homosexual couples.

The surrogate mother is a woman who gave birth to a child for another person who will become a parent of the child. It is used in case, then a genetic mother cannot bear and give birth to a baby for serious health reasons such as after hysterectomy, deformation of uterus or hearth diseases, a surrogate mother may bear the child for her. Medical tourism for surrogacy is guided by legal regulations in the home country or lower price abroad. Countries which offer this are Ukraine, Russia, India and the USA

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