Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination (IUI) is the simplest technique...

The artificial insemination (IUI) is the simplest technique of medically assisted procreation. It is suitable especially for younger women for up to 40 years.

Unlike in vitro fertilization, it does not require to collect women's eggs. The artificial insemination consists of placing a sperm sample of the partner or the donor (depending on the treatment) in a woman's uterus using a thin flexible catheter. In this way, the distance between the egg and the sperm is shorter, therefore the chance of fertilization is higher.

IUI can be performed during a natural ovulation cycle, or with ovulation induction medications.

The procedure is practically painless, really quick and it does not require anaesthesia strong pharmacological treatment.

Insemination with a donor is the recommended treatment for single women or same-sex couples, as well as for couples with male sterility.


Artificial insemination or IUI

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