How to prepare for an IVF cycle?

Before starting an IVF cycle it is good to realize...

Before starting an IVF cycle it is good to realize, that some small, simple changes will take place in your lifestyle, for at least 1-2 months in advance. The process of IVF cycle should be considered as a preparation for pregnancy and not just as a medical intervention.

It is important to start having a healthy lifestyle, for example, to quit smoking, reduce the consumption of alcohol and caffeine, drink enough water every day and do some simple physical exercises, as practising yoga or simply walking. When hormonal stimulation is started, we recommend a healthy diet, based on proteins, calcium and vitamins, which contains meat, fish, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits, yoghurt and cheese, while unhealthy junk food, carbohydrates and sugars should be limited. Before choosing a healthy diet keep in mind, that it is not the right time for weight loss diets.

As a food supplement, you can have folic acid or prenatal vitamin complex.

Psychical condition is also important, so we recommend to plan the IVF cycle during the unstressful period when you can relax and take care about yourself, share your emotions with your partner and discuss all doubts with your doctor. Also, a big positive effect could have acupuncture.


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